Research and Development (R&D)

Research projects financed by the MIUR (the ministry of the Italian government for the national education system, the universities and research)

Main national and regional projects developed in recent years

  • Project PON “Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013”
    Project title: “New sustainable process with reduced operating risks for the recovery and the recycling of lead batteries”
  • Project PON “Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013”.
    Project title “High-Convenience Fruit and vegetables: New Technologies for Quality and New Products (OFR.AL.SER.)”.
  • Project ART. 12 - D.M. n. 593 08/08/00 (D.L. 297/1999).
    Project title: “Development of innovative technologies for the widespread generation of solar power”
  • Project Por Puglia 2007-2013
    Project title: “Innovative technologies for the realization of a new energy saving process with a low environmental impact for exhausted lead battery recycling.

Project partners: STC S.r.l. (leader), CNR (Rome), University of Calabria (Rende), Polytechnic University of Bari.

Project partners: STC S.r.l., University of Foggia (leader), University of Salento (Lecce), CRA Centro Ricerca per l’Orticoltura (Roma), CNR (Roma), Distretto Agroalimentare Regione Puglia (Foggia), Pralina S.r.l.(Lecce), Salentec S.r.l. (Lecce), Elettra Sistemi S.r.l. (Salerno), Carton Pack S.r.l. (Bari), Agricomm S.r.l. (Foggia), Ortomad S.r.l. (Salerno).

Project partners: STC S.r.l., CNR (Roma), University of Salento (Lecce), University of Catania, Politechnic University of Bari, Turboden S.r.l. (Brescia), TCT S.r.l. (Brindisi), Costruzioni Solari S.r.l. (Lecce).

  • ·Project POR Puglia 2000/06.

Research and technology development. Project title: “Development of a new microwave technology for the stabilization of high quality ready meals”

Projects in collaboration with other subjects, particularly with Universities, Research Organizations, ENEA, etc.

  • Development of a process for the recovery of the phenolic component from red grape marc for the self-enrichment of the musts/wines and for the energetic exploitation of the solid waste of the vinification processes and of the cellulosic remains of the new extraction processes.

Commissioning body: Distretto Tecnologico Agroalimentare D.A.RE. Regione Puglia (2012-2015).

  • Development of new dehydration system for vegetable products.

Commissioning body: Distretto Tecnologico Agroalimentare D.A.RE. Regione Puglia (2012-2015).

  • Cold-stabilization process of vegetable products based ready meals using high isostatic pressure.

Commissioning body: ENEA - Centro di Ricerche Casaccia (Roma) (2006).

  • Development of membrane filtration processes to obtain concentrates of lactic bacteria culture broth.
  • Development of a simulation model of vine growth phenomena and of the ripening process in order to identify the optimal harvest time of the grape.
  • Development of new osmotically dehydrated products and products dehydrated by means of conditioned air.

Commissioning body: ISPA CNR (Lecce) (2006)

Commissioning body: CALPARK S.C.p.a, Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico di Rende (Cosenza) (2004)

Commissioning body: PASTIS-CNRSM S.C.p.a., Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico di Brindisi (2002)



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