Rotating screen for lead battery recycling plant

The rotating screen in the lead battery recycling plant separates the milled batteries according to the size of the pieces.

Operating principle

The screen for the lead battery recycling plant consists of a rotating drum, fixed on a supported frame, with four wheels which allow the rotation of the drum around its own shaft. The material to be sieved enters one end of the rotating drum; the product moves on thanks to the rotating effect of an internal screw fixed at the drum. During the passing through the drum the material is continuously stirred in order to enable the separation of the paste from the grids and the plastics of the batteries. This operation is supported by water jets released from the nozzles of two tubes inserted into the rotating drum.

The liquid, made of water and paste, falls due to gravity through the drum’s screen, is collected from the hopper at the bottom and carried to the following treatment of the lead battery recycling plant. The bigger parts of the sieving are discharged from the opening at the opposite end of the rotating drum.

The structure of the screen, that is realized with bars of triangular section at a distance of 0.8 mm, is very important for an efficient sieving. The material used and a correct mechanical design of the rotary sieve for lead battery recycling plant guarantee a high resistance to oxidation and use and make the structure solid and reliable. The drum is covered with a stainless steel case that is designed to protect the environment and personnel in the vicinity of projection of fragments and sketches.

The rotating motion is driven by an electric motor through a chain and sprocket wheel system, while the rotating speed is regulated by an inverter. The motor can be activated via the monitoring system developed on PC, both in manual and automatic mode. In particular, in manual mode start/stop is controlled by the user, while in automatic start/stop will be managed by the control software developed on PLC. In both cases the start and the speed is adjusted by an inverter and the actual supply will only be present if the disconnector placed on board the machine is not in service position.

Rotating screen datasheet

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Rotating Screen Technical Specifications
Model VR22 VR40
Nominal capacity referred to crushed batteries 0-8 ton/h 0-16 ton/h 
Body material AISI 304 AISI 304
Body thickness 10 mm 10 mm
Drum separating dimensions (LxD) 4000x1200 mm 6000x1200 mm
Mesh opening flat panel 0.6 to 0.8 mm (welded slotted screen)  0.6 to 0.8 mm (welded slotted screen)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5000x1800x1820 mm  7000x1800x1820 mm
Weight 1600 kg  2600 kg
Speed control by inverter  by inverter
Installed power 2.2  4.0
Rotating speed 32 to 50 rpm  32 to 50 rpm
Screen equipped with rinse water device yes  yes
Chain drive with gearbox yes  yes




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