Hammer crusher for lead battery recycling

The hammer crusher for lead battery recycling crushes the entire battery into smaller pieces so that they can be easily manipulated in the following processing.

Operating principle

At the beginning of the lead battery breaking and separation process the batteries are loaded from above by means of a conveyor belt into the hammer crusher and fall into the upper casing where they are crushed by the hammers and the fragments are discharged from the lower casing on a vibrating feeder. The frame of the hammer crusher is internally protected with reinforced plates in order to resist to the impact of the batteries.

Under the lower casing the user must prepare a vibrating feeder for the collection and transport of the fragments towards the next tape. The hammers are mounted on a motor shaft that rotates at about 800 revolutions/min.

The mechanical and chemical stress which acts on the various parts of the hammer crusher during the lead battery recycling requires an proper choice of the construction material: steel has been used for the realization of the hammers, because it is able to resist stress corrosion cracking. Furthermore, an adequate cycle of thermal treatments assures a higher impact resistance (resilience) and superficial hardness. The motor shaft is realized in quenched steel and designed to resist use and fatigue. The internal plates are realized in stainless steel.

The shaft is driven by an electric motor and the transmission takes place by means of a pulley system.

The motor of the hammer crusher can be activated through the monitoring system developed on PC, both in manual and automatic mode. In particular, in the manual mode start/stop is controlled by the user, while in the automatic mode start/stop will be managed by the control software developed on PLC. In both cases, the boot is regulated by a soft-starter and the actual supply will only be present if the disconnector placed on board of the machine is not in the service position.

The hammer crusher for lead battery recycling includes:

  • Activation motor
  • Supporting rotor of hammers
  • Transmission belt
  • Body of appropriate material
  • Hammers able to crush batteries
  • Supporting bearing of rotor

Hammer Crusher datasheet

Download (3,3 MB) Open

Hammer Crusher FR 750 Technical Specifications
Nominal capacity
0-16 tons/h
Body material

AISI 304

Body Thickness 30 mm
External Reinforcements AISI 304
Inner Armor AISI 431
No. of pivot hammers 36 in AISI 431
Rotor shaft  - diameter

200 mm 

Rotor shaft - material 42CrMo4 Tempered
Rotor speed 800 rpm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2400x3100x2200 mm
Charging inlet dimensions (LxW) 1600x800 mm
Weight (w/o motor) 8400 kg
Installed power  75 kW



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