Lead battery recycling plant: equipment

STC offers turnkey solutions for lead battery recycling plants. The range of products includes traditional equipment as well as innovative machines and covers the complete lead battery recycling process: from crushing of spent batteries to the production of final products as refined lead ingots and utlrapure lead oxide.

STC chooses high quality materials for its equipment in order to guarantee durability and best performances of the machines, maintaining at the same time competitive prices. The STC lead battery recycling equipment fulfills all environmental standards and safeguards the health of the operating staff.

Main machines of the lead battery recycling plant:

  • Hammer crusher: The first machine of the lead battery recycling plant crushes the incoming batteries into smaller pieces for further treatment.
  • Hammer mill: The crushed batteries undergo an ulterior size reduction in the hammer mill.
  • Rotary Sieve: Depending on the size of the pieces, the rotary sieve separates the milled batteries.
  • Sink & Float: Another separation step is carried out by the Sink & Float which divides metallic lead grids and lighter fragments as plastic pieces.
  • Desulphurization reactor: The desulphurization reactor carries out the desulphurization of the lead paste reducing drastically the SO2 emissions during the lead smelting.
  • Nanofiltration skid: The nano-filtration plant concentrates aqueous solutions of sodium sulphate and produces water of low electric conductibility.



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