STC offers turnkey solutions

    STC supplies complete turnkey plants and integrative technologies for the recycling of lead and other valuable materials from spent lead batteries.

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    An efficient lead battery recycling process permits to operate in better environmental conditions which usually results in an improvement of the economic performance.

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Breaking & Separation

STC supplies plants for the breaking and separation of spent lead batteries

Lead Oxide

STC has developed a convenient process for the recovery of lead oxide


Discover the STC  process for the desulphurization of battery paste


STC offers high quality plants for the pyrometallurgical reduction of lead

STC lead battery recycling division

The long-term experience of STC in the lead recycling from exhausted lead/acid batteries has shown that the fundamental difference of a medium-high levelled plant depends not only on managerial qualities, but also on the innovativeness of the applied technologies.

An efficient technology permits to operate in better environmental conditions, whereas environment in this case means also maintenance of health and safety standards, which usually results in an improvement of the economic performance.

STC supplies turnkey plants for the recycling of lead and other valuable materials from exhaused lead batteries. On the other hand STC integrates existing lead recycling plants with innovative technologies which permit a better functioning of the plant as far as economical and environmental aspects are concerned.

Another important visit in STC

Three delegates of the Israeli company Hakurnas Lead Works Ltd. have visited STC today for a technical meeting in view of an upgrade of the company's existing lead battery recycling plant. The fruitful meeting was held in STC's headquarters in Mesagne. The three delegates showed great interest in STC's innovative processes, whose appeal is gradually spreading among experts all over the world. 

Great interest for green STC technologies


Increasingly more interest is shown in new green STC technologies in the field of lead-acid batteries recycling. Yesterday, 4th May 2017, an interesting meeting was held at STC’s headquarters with the CEO of the Swiss company iQ Power, leader in the innovation of the technologies for the production of starter batteries and which already has an active plant in Korea. The subject of the negotiations was the possible realization of an innovative plant in Iran, employing the new environment-friendly lead oxide production process, developed and patented by STC in recent years. The manager was accompanied by two German experts in metallurgy, who judged the new STC technologies very positively. During the meeting, the guests had the opportunity to visit and see firsthand the state-of-the-art pilot plants that STC has in its facilities. The meeting was closed with excellent preconditions for a future cooperation between the two companies.



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